Landscape Resources

Landscape Design

  1. Books: Desert Landscape for Beginners & Earth-Friendly Desert Gardening
  2. SketchUp Free: Web based design software –
  3. Desert Institute of Gardening (DIG) Classes: Upcoming schedule –
  4. Desert Botanical Garden: Classes on landscape design, gardening, SketchUp, plants etc..
  5. Mesa Community College Courses:
  6. Scottsdale Landscape Revitalization Workbook:


  1. Water Use It Wisely: Many water resources –
  2. Landscape Watering by the Numbers:
  3. Educational Workshops:
  4. Greywater and Rainwater Harvesting:
  5. Xeriscape: Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert: guide



  1. Ask the Arborist: Web forum and facebook group to ask questions of a volunteer certified arborist.
  2. Plant Your Tree in the Right Location: – Publication number: az1674-2015


Plant Information

  1. Mountain States Nursery:
  2. Ground Covers for Arizona Landscapes: – Publication number: AZ1110
  3. AMWUA Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert – Find plant suggestions and filter by type (tree, shrub, vines etc.) size and sun exposure.
  4. Plant Selection: Publication number: az1153-2015
  5. List of plants that are pool friendly:
  6. PictureThis online plant encyclopedia and plant identifier: (website and app)
  7. AZ Plant Lady: Many plant blog posts on


Garden / Urban Farming

  1. Vegetable Planting Calendar – Publication Number: AZ1005-2018
  2. Flower Planting Guide for the Low Desert: – Publication number: AZ1100a
  3. The Great American Seed up: Yearly Event sale of over 100 varieties of climate appropriate seeds in Phoenix.
  4. Native Seeds Search: over 500 varieties of crops adapted to arid landscapes.
  5. City Farming Book: Resource for Urban Farming
  6. Garden Starts:  Vegetable starters, garden and irrigation maintenance and consulting
  7. Garden Variety Bees: Beekeeping, rescue & community education
  8. Lehr Innovations: New raised garden bed technology using rich soil and aquaponics combined.


Homeowner Resources

  1. Arizona 811: Locate/mark underground utility lines. Contact Arizona 811 at least two full working days prior to digging.
  2. Maricopa County Assessor’s Office: Look up your parcel, plot size etc.
  3. Find your Plant Hardiness Zone:
  4. SRP Free Shade Tree Program: Register for a workshop and receive 2 free desert adapted shade trees (APS discontinued theirs around 2017)
  5. Water Conservation Rebates by City:  For smart controllers, xeriscape, plumbing etc
  6. Free Compost from Tempe: Tempe residents only free compost is available 24/7 just outside of Tempe’s compost yard – located at North Rio Road
  7. Free Compost Phoenix: Check for events and you can also get a recycled garbage bin turned into composter for $5 –
  8. Chipdrop: Free wood chips / mulch / soil amendment:
  9. SunCalc: interactive map that shows sun movement and sunlight phases –


Societies and Memberships

  1. The Arizona Native Plant Society :
  2. The Central Arizona Cactus and Succulent Society:
  3. Arizona Rare Fruit Tree Growers:
  4. Arizona Herb Association:
  5. Greater Phoenix Pond Society:
  6. Phoenix Rose Society:
  7. Desert Valley Orchid Society:
  8. Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs:
  9. GrowPHX: Networking group making a difference by enhancing the local food system


  1. Belgard Pavers: Hardscape Inspiration and products –
  2. All Star Materials:
  3. MDI Rock:
  4. Pioneer Landscape Materials:
  5. We Rock Arizona:
  6. The Green Goddess: Source for unique pots



  1. Lowes: Lowes is a great place to “save” some plants that are heavily discounted due to not looking as great or being on the shelf too long. Look to them for some very low cost plant rescues!
  2. RSI Growers:
  3. Mountain States Wholesale Nursery:
  4. Arcadia Color Garden Nursery:
  5. Berridge Nursery:
  6. Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery:
  7. SummerWinds Nursery:
  8. Treeland Nurseries:
  9. Whitfill Nursery:
  10. Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program:
  11. Richard’s Garden Center:
  12. A Tropical Concept Plant Nursery
  13. Arizona Cactus Sales:
  14. Desert Tree Farm:
  15. Native Resources Plant Salvage:
  16. Phoenix Desert Nursery:
  17. Signature Botanica:
  18. Shamus O’Leary’s Tropical fruit Trees:
  19. Agave Farms:
  20. Elgin Nursery & Tree Farm:


Soil Amendments

  1. Tank’s Green Stuff: Natural and organic garden and landscape products
  2. Arizona Worm Farm: Worms, Castings, and Compost
  3. Gro-Well: